The conversion of 60White has now been terminated and the complex showcases innovative interiors, which were accomplished through a sustainable and eco-friendly design, while keeping preserved the elegant building façade of the Second Empire architecture.  
Supervised by Veronica Mainetti - who has been in charge of the project since mid 2013 - and who opted for a conversion of the building through the implementation of the most advanced and sustainable green technology.
About 80 percent of the materials and structure used during the renovation phase were pre-existing. The façades were progressively brought to their original splendor and décor.
All the apartments at 60White are particularly innovative not only because of the construction techniques used, but specifically because of the accurate attention put on the locally sourced and crafted materials used for construction.
The rooftop was conceived to collect rainwater and, thanks to a system of drainage and pumping, to re-use that water to support a green wall placed in the lobby and lounge entrance.  
Also, the indoor ventilation system regulates the cycle and re-cycle of hot and cold air in order to guarantee always the circulation of fresh air.
All the lofts at 60White offer vast and luminous rooms, which were studied to reflect the modern and high-end design of the interior space.  
60White also provides a wide range of services such as a video-surveillance system, an indoor-delivery area, a gym with a video and audio system, a bar-lounge service, the Eco-wall in the lobby and the Green Wall in the lounge in order to increase energy efficiency, and a storage area in the basement.    


60 White


Legal and Operational Headquarters: Via Ostiense 131/L - 00154 ROME
REA code: RM 1214318 – Tax code/VAT number 10166741008
Fully paid-up share capital: Euro 15,000,000