Galleria Colonna

Property acquired by the Megas Fund in 2009. The Megas Fund was established by Sorgente SGR and was managed until 30/09/2019

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Megas Fund 

Piazza Colonna - Rome

Location: Rome , 3rd District , Piazza Colonna.
It is one of the four buildings fronting onto Piazza
Colonna together with Palazzo Chigi
(seat of the Government ), Palazzo Wedeking
(seat of the “Il Tempo” newspaper ) and Palazzo Ferrajoli
Gross surface area: 11,532.69 sqm / 124,140.90 sqf over 4 floors
Tenants : 27 business
Year of construction: 1922
Architect: Dario Carbone
Year of Purchase: 2009
Designated use: commercial
Sole subscriber: Fondazione Enasarco


Legal and Operational Headquarters: Via Ostiense 131/L - 00154 ROME
REA code: RM 1214318 – Tax code/VAT number 10166741008
Fully paid-up share capital: Euro 15,000,000