Château de Mirambeau

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The castle is situated in the Charente-Maritime area, between Bordeaux and Cognac, and is typical of the castles of the Loire Valley, both in the Renaissance influence on the architectural style and in the two tone coloring obtained through the combination of the ivory outer walls in smooth stone with the dark gray of the steeply sloping slate roofs, studded with ornate dormer windows. The planimetric layout of the building, is based on a C shape, and is broken up by the cylindrical and polygonal towers.


Their positioning creates elegant views of the castle sometimes perfectly symmetrical, sometimes of harmonic asymmetry. The façades display the obvious influence of the Italian Renaissance especially for the admirable application of orders, whose pilasters are delicately inlaid in the stone facing, leaving only the bases, capitals and string-courses in relief.


The history of the castle dates back to the 11th century, when on this site, it overlooked the River Gironde and the slopes of the Médoc on one side, and the hills of Pons on the other. Artaud de Mirambel established the fortress, which stayed in the family for all of the 12th century and was still known at the beginning of the 15th century as Mirambellum.


The castle was conquered by the English in 1346, and remained under English dominium for a long period. It was destroyed by fire and reconstructed in around 1577 when it became a fortified residence, losing its rugged appearance as a fortress and taking on that of a pleasant if turreted residential palace.


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