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Sorgente Group Italia is the Italian holding of the Group based in Rome, which operates in finance, infrastructure, real estate and restoration fields. In Italy, it also manages a company dedicated to communication and publishing (100% of the newspaper Il Foglio Quotidiano, 80% of the monthly publication Tempi – sold to the Contrattempi Cooperative – and 2% of the Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno).

Its main operative companies are:

  • Quorum SGR, an asset management company, specializing in the establishment and management of developing opportunity real estate investment funds;
  • Sorgente SEIN, Company for Energy and Infrastructures, managed by Sorgente Group Italia, focuses on the realization of plants for the production of biofuels, in particular biomethane and bioethanol, as well as the development of initiatives in the photovoltaic and wind power sector, aimed to reduce C02 emissions. In particular Sorgente SEIN has equipped itself, thanks to qualified partnerships and collaborations, to cover the main components of the value chain, from design to construction and subsequent implementation, up to the management of biofuel and renewable energy production plants.

The world of sustainable and renewable energy represents a growing interest for investors; this is why the future national and non energy needs, with a view to a complete decarbonization, are an acceleration in the adoption of the main principles of the so-called circular economy, which imposes the use of andvance technologies and business models. Because of we have as reference the best professional standards, frankness, decency and professional collaboration, we always give a great value to our decisions, in the interest of our clients.

  • Sorgente REM is the Sorgente Group Italia Company operating in the branch of conservative restoration of iconic buildings, monumental complexes, architectural, artistic and archaeological goods.
  • Polimnia RES operates on the real estate services market and also offers, within the scope of Global Service Agreements, Facility Management, Property Management, Building Management, Project Management, Hotel Management services, together with consulting services regarding the same areas.  
  • Musa Comunicazione is active in the communication area, owns and manages Sorgente Group’s shareholding in the publishing sector: the newspaper Il Foglio Quotidiano and the 2% of the Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno. It owned the newspaper Tempi, which has been sold to the journalistic Cooperative Contrattempi. Musa Comunicazione’s activities develop in the publishing, design, promotional, audiovisual and digital areas, as well as  in institutional and economic-financial communication. Musa Comunicazione publishes books of Art, exhibition catalogues, monographs and editorial productions regarding Corporate Identity, publishes studies and essays on real estate Economy.

Since January 2007, Sorgente Group has been financing the Fondazione Sorgente Group, Institution for Art and Culture, a non-profit Institution, for initiative of Prof. Valter Mainetti (President) and his wife Paola (Vice President) with the aim of enhancing, promoting, and spreading, both nationally and internationally, all the expressions of culture and art, belonging to our cultural heritage. Prof. Claudio Strinati is the Scientific Director, together with the support of various scholars belonging to the Academic world.

Thanks to the financial support of the Group, the Foundation is able to carry out its activities ant to reach its purposes, engaging above all to purchase works of art, such as ancient paintings and Greek and Roman archaeological works, thus returning them to the public fruition. The archaeological collection includes Greek and Roman sculpture in marble and bronze, such as the Athena Nike sculpture dated 430 BC, the Hellenistic bronze mask of Papposilenus, and portraits of the Julius Claudian Imperial Dinasty, including Marcello, Gaio and Lucio Cesari, Germanico and Antonia Minore; the ancient painting collection includes examples from the XV to the XX century with a particular attention to the Emilian School of the 17th Century, especially  Guido Reni and Guercino, as well as the 18th  century Roman vedutismo.

The Fondazione Sorgente Group intends to operate actively and concretely with projects which could involve Public and Private sector in the common commitment in order to contribute to the promotion of art and culture in our country.

Company Structure


Legal and Operational Headquarters: Via Ostiense 131/L - 00154 ROME
REA code: RM 1214318 – Tax code/VAT number 10166741008
Fully paid-up share capital: Euro 15,000,000