Il Grande Albergo delle Nazioni

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In 1932 Arch. Calza Bini outlined the project of the hotel Grande Albergo delle Nazioni and designed the group of residential buildings of INA Casa. Both projects were inaugurated in 1935, during the 7th edition of the annual fair called Fiera del Levante. The hotel has got a curved façade modulated by metallic balconies and window-doors. The central semi-cylindrical body is surrounded by two adjoining buildings, finely shaped by angular windows and jazzed up with full curved balconies. All three bodies are connected on top by a projecting roof hovering on top of a glass wall. On the waterfront side, the curved part of the hotel connects to three harmonious buildings, alternating sticking out and caving in sections, hosting the residences of INA Casa. The elegant stereometry of the building and its white monumental shape, make it a remarkable urban reference point, as well as a linchpin between the old town and the new fair ground. Thanks to its functional and technological elegance, a new concept of architecture arose in the minds of several architects of the Mediterranean such as Le Corbusier. The curved lines of the façade contribute to the hotel’s levity, further enhanced by the topping projecting roof, that differentiates it from the rigid and sturdy architectural styles of that time, also visible along the new waterfront of the so called ‘Capital of South’. In accordance with the original project, the hotel has 5 floors, 122 rooms, and a stunning panoramic terrace; luxury interior decors embellish the great halls and rooms dedicated to conferences and reception parties taking place during fairs. The lower outer section of the building is made of travertino marble sheets that shine whenever the sun hits them or hits the water. Then looking upwards we will see Trani stone sheets and green marble. Precious materials enhance the snow-white modernity of this building, thus tailoring it to people from the middle-high class, entrepreneurs, authorities, aristocrats and international actors. For this last reason, it was chosen to shoot some scenes of ‘Polvere di Stelle’ (1973), a famous movie starring Alberto Sordi and Monica Vitti (which connects the hotel to Galleria Alberto Sordi in Rome, also featuring in the movie). After a few changes of ownership and use, the hotel was internally remodeled in 2012 and the façade was carefully renovated according to the original project, whose quality and historical value had earned the hotel the protection of the Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali (Ministry of Culture).


Legal and Operational Headquarters: Via Ostiense 131/L - 00154 ROME
REA code: RM 1214318 – Tax code/VAT number 10166741008
Fully paid-up share capital: Euro 15,000,000