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The Origins

The origins of our Group date back at the end of the 19th century thanks to the activity of two families which shared the expertise for iron and steel production which were handcrafted at the beginning and manufactured at a later time.
These families set up two companies, one in Rome in 1910 and the other in New York in 1919: the Roman was specialized in the manufacture of iron while the New Yorker was specialized in the assembly of iron structures for skyscrapers. 

In Italy
Between 1910 and 1943 the business focuses on iron manufacture, keeping an handcraft division dedicated to artistic productions, which among other works was responsible for the entry gates (“cancellata”) of Vittoriano in Piazza Venezia and parts of the Viminale Palace in Rome.
After the Second World War, the activity shifted towards the construction of major engineering works such as the Frascati Synchrotron, the Alfa Romeo plant in Arese and steelworks at Terni and Taranto.
In the mid ‘70s a division for the Social Housing was established. This division has realized 1,600 residential units and various shopping centers for private and public clients for a total value of 2 €/Billion.
In Usa
Between 1923 and 1928 the American Company contributed to assembly the iron structures in significant buildings in New York: York Stock Exchange (addition of 1923), American Standard Building (1924), New York Telephone Building (1925) and Chrysler Building (1928).
After the crisis of 1929 there was a decline in industrial manufacturing and so the American business was transformed into a real estate, and as such it operated until the end of the ‘90s. 

From ‘90s
In the late ’90s, the US and Italian companies were unified under the SORGENTE GROUP brand.

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