Sorgente Group | Letter from the majority shareholder Prof. Valter Mainetti

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Our Group today is present on many international markets with a 3-holding structure, independently operating in various countries around the world: Sorgente Group SpA (Italy), Sorgente Group of America (USA), Main Source SA (Luxembourg) and Holding Star UK Ltd (UK, rest of the world), together they form Sorgente Group of Alternative Investment.

The Group has launched, during the period from 2001 till present, 38 real estate funds (as of 31 December 2016). The overall value of the owned and managed assets by our funds is about 5 billion euros with more than 800 employees, hired increasingly since 2000. The real estate, financial and services companies exceed 70, located in Italy, France, Switzerland, UK, Luxembourg, UAE, USA and Brazil, while the operating offices are in Rome, Milan, New York, Luxembourg, London. 

Sorgente Group SpA, with its seat in Rome, operates in the financial, funds, real estate, hotels and clinics, restauration and infrastructure sector. Also a company focused on communication and publishing is controlled. Sorgente Group SpA operates through 2 funds management companies: Sorgente SGR and Quorum SGR, a services company Sorgente REM, a company listed on the Italian Stock Exchange, Nova Re Siiq SpA and publishing company Musa Comunicazione, which bought the newspaper Il Foglio Quotidiano, the 40% of Tempi and 30% of the Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno. In the future we intend to amplify the range of our products and increase the number of funds. We foresee to consolidate, besides the investment in iconic real estate assets, also in performing and non-performing loans, infrastructure and renewable energy. The company listed on the Italian Stock Exchange, Nova Re Siiq, aims to become a leading player as to the “Italian Listed Real Estate Companies”. As to the publishing sector we intend to purchase other national and local papers in order to create new synergies with their peculiarities.

Sorgente Group of America Corporation is the American holding of the Group managing the transactions in America and Brazil. Michelangelo Real Estate Corporation (MREC), active in the presale phase of the assets, Sorgente Asset Management, actively involved in the purchase procedure as well as the phase of restructuring and restoration of the assets, Sorgente Development manages exclusive and prestigious development projects, abiding by the eco-sustainability rules. 

Main Source SA located in Luxembourg is the management company of the Historic and Trophy Buildings Fund, a multi compartment fund composed of a collection of trophy and iconic assets; today Main Source is active in the finance and fund management sector, with a particular focus on iconic assets. 
Holding Star UK Ltd is the company through which the Group distributes its investment products in the UK and the rest of the world. 

Valter Mainetti
Cavaliere del Lavoro (Order of Merit for Labour)
Main Shareholder of Sorgente Group 
CEO of Sorgente Group SpA
President of the Sorgente Group Foundation 
Professor ad honorem at the University of Parma, Faculty of Economics 

Rome, July 2017


Registered and Operational Office: Via del Tritone nº 132 – 00187 ROMA
REA 1214318 – VAT Code IT 10166741008 – Share Capital: Euro 7.500.000
Total equity authorized of the Funds: Euro